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Social Normality people. What’s “normal”?

In college today my sociology of gender professor was going over the difference between one’s “sex” and one’s “gender”. One of the differences we discussed was the differences between how men and women look. Of course it’s not anyone’s fault, but I felt… odd. Like, honestly if you look at me in real life I’m a girl who’s almost 5’10, who isn’t petite and small like a typical girl “should be”, I have bigger hands, I have bigger feet, and in all honesty I have more muscle than the average chick. To society, females shouldn’t be like that. That’s all part of social normality. But I have long curly hair, I have a higher pitched voice, I paint my nails purple, I have a female’s anatomy, and so on. What is “feminine”. Must I wear makeup everyday to be “feminine”… or wear tight clothes and flaunt my boobs?
But really… all this plays a part in sports and things as well. I played soccer for years and I was a beast. Haha, there were only 3 girls on the team and maybe 8 boys. The three girls were me, my thin and below average heighted good friend Taylor, and this other girl Di who in all honesty joined because Taylor and I joined. I cared about the sport, and I believed I was good at it. So out of everyone on my team, and even the other team, I was the most aggressive. How feminine is that? Not really at all. I played so hard to score a goal and to get it away from the other team so we could win. I got hit in the face and even snapped my glasses twice, and sprained my ankle once
. I am NOT a part of “social norms”… given the differences in the way my body looks as well as how I present myself in a sporting environment. Also, I play world of warcraft. Nerdy right? Doesn’t seem like a females game, but more of a males? Well too bad. I enjoy “player vs. player” combat and get competitive and even express “nerd rage”. Yes many females play video games, but how often do they go out and say “Hey! I play video games!” What if I played call of duty? Or halo or something? Those are socially constructed to be thought of as game for men. HEY I PLAY VIDEO GAMES… and I’m a girl. Whoaaaa call me deviant (sarcasm). Same with emotions! Men experience the same emotions as women. Females just tend to be more vocal about it. But men cry, men experience pain, loss, heartache… anger, whatever. Females can be bitches though, but tend to say “I’m sorry” a lot more and are more verbally aggressive than physical. But males are absolutely more physical because of their testosterone levels, and instead of being more verbal about it they just fight it out. But again, its part of a social norm that people view men fighting as “normal” and more tolerable than if two women were to get in a fist-fight. But men call just as well be bitches. I don’t think theres too many differences between men and women emotionally, etc. Yes, absolutely there are differences in every single possible category that you could talk about, but really we’re more alike than different. Look at me, I’m a girl and I believe most would think I’m more masculine, even though my sex is female. All the way people construct social normalities. Girls are supposed to be thin, shorter than men, have smoother skin, have like 0 hair on their bodies except their head, which is “normal” to be longish, supposed to be pretty and talk like a lady and blah blah blah. Men are supposed to be broad shouldered, tall, bread-winners, have low voices, do all the heavy lifting, are supposed to be hairy from head to toe, blah blah blah. SOCIAL NORMS GUYS. What do you think it is? Gah. College is interesting. 

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    All I can really say is “fuck social norms, and just be yourself”!!
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